I don't usually leave testimonials so you can imagine the reasons for doing so is simply because your product and one to one support on learning stage hypnosis gave me a wider insight into the world of hypnosis.

Having learned hypnotherapy I felt I was missing something as I wasn't confident hypnotizing for fun but with the techniques taught by you I was instantly able to put people under within seconds of starting the process and have phenomena occuring that I had intended to try out for years!

The vast amount of detail covered is just mind blowing as I know some trainers charge a fortune just to share some of these "secrets".

I'm glad I had a chance to meet up with you to have all of my questions answered and to gain a great friend and mentor in the process. You are truely a rare gem in the industry that is so filled with so much biased BS now!

For what I paid I feel you have overdelivered and just wish I had found out about you sooner so I hadn't wasted so much time and money on other courses that just taught me what I already knew.

I wish you all the success you can handle and thanks again for providing such a great product and support.

Sid The Hypnotist

Past students...Matt Thomas

The Art of Stage Hypnosis is a great value read, I m so glad I discovered it, as it encouraged me to take that final step from thinking and reading about stage hypnosis to actually getting up on stage and performing.

I found Jason's style to be honest, informative, down to earth and realistic with real practical advice that I have used in formulating and performing my shows. Jason's advice and writings have given me the confidence to get up on stage and pursue my dream of becoming a full time stage hypnotist.

Matt Thomas, UK

Past students...

After being interested in Stage hypnosis for twenty years and messing about on the fringes. I bought your first course "The Art Of Stage Hypnosis". After reading it, I decided to get serious and become a full time Comedy hypnotist.

I can tell you I have been a full time Comedy Hypnotist ever since, probably one of the busiest in the UK today. I have worked the Pub and Club circuit to gain the maxium experience. I am now ready to go to the next level.

What really struck me when I read over your excellent "The Art Of Stage Hypnosis" was how accurate the information was. After two years experience, believe me I know, what you relate has all happened to me.

I have like your training say's you did, bought all the books on hypnosis, taken the courses and spent A LOT of money in the pursuit of knowledge. They have all been lacking in that essential detail.
Refreshingly your course gives it all.

Like you I contacted other hypnotists with little success, that seceret society syndrome. So it is great, to have a reference that one can constantly refer to and know it's from somebody who is telling it as it is, somebody that has undoubtably "Walked the Walk".

I would have no hesitation recomending your accurate and excellent work, to any budding Stage Hypnotist or person just interested in the process. They will save a fortune.

In fact, I would go as far to say it is essential reading.

Alec Dubbens

Hypnosis trainer...

The Art of Stage Hypnosis is a great course which gives real value to customers, which is why myself and Keys To The Mind are happy to promote it. My subscribers loved the offer.

Nathan Thomas

Past students...

Despite being a hypnotherapist of many years standing, the thought of my first stage show was a little unnerving to say the least. I set about finding out all I could about stage hypnosis by watching DVDs, and surfing Youtube. Nothing prepared me better for success than the generosity of knowledge imparted by Jason.

The result... a great night, a high that lasted a week and the promise of more bookings from my agent!

Bob Hannam

Past students...

If you're like me and have a great interest in hypnosis you'll have no doubt been through the endless rigmarole of searching the internet or reading many books on stage hypnosis, trying to find the best and most effective methods to successfully place people under your influence. You will also no doubt have come to the same conclusion that much of the information you find on the internet or read in books is contradictory, or you simply find useless information. Worse yet, some give you so much information that you're hooked and feel your getting somewhere but to your despair you find that the information just stops or you have to pay ridiculous amounts of money to gain so called 'secret information' on how to be a masterful stage hypnotist.

Well due to a very strange occurrence and my previously never ending search for the right person to teach me how to hypnotize people and even more - enabling me to perform to hundreds as a stage hypnotist, I crossed paths with Jason. After a couple of meetings with Jason I knew he had that special something I was always searching for and could never get my hands on. It was the right information that after nearly 5 years of searching I had now found. I felt that Jason's unique methods of teaching and the vast amount of information he holds is why I just had to take his stage hypnosis training. After my first days training I was beaming with confidence and had a greater understanding of hypnosis and how to use it to hypnotize people and perform stage shows.

Throughout my training with Jason I learned all the things plus more that I had been searching for for all those years. I highly regard Jason as not only a masterful teacher of his craft and a stage hypnotist but also as a professional respected by many people.

Patrick Larkins

Past students...

Thanks loads for your training, I learnt so much! I'm now confident I can put on a fantastic show which means I can get out there and just do it!

Helen Player